Best plants for cutting garden

Best plants for cutting garden

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How to Design a Gorgeous Cutting Garden

We asked Lisa how to design a showcase cutting garden, and which plants make the best BFFs. The most productive cutting gardens are fairly small in square footage, with the flowers planted in one spot creating an island of blooms.

This helps the pollinators and beneficial insects and creatures find the flowers and makes for the easiest tending and harvesting. Once in the garden, these guys will share their benefits with the surrounding vegetables. Harvesting the flowers will keep the garden full of fresh flowers and buds all season, exactly what the gardener and garden residents want.

The results: A fresh bouquet on the kitchen table with extras to share with family and friends. Can gardeners plant perennial flowers as companions, or are annuals better? What are your favorite varieties to incorporate together with veggies? Grouping plants with similar needs together tends to simplify garden chores.

Most vegetable gardens are made up of annuals, which are a good choice for the cutting garden. Annuals produce more over a longer period of time, which makes them a good value. My favorite annual flowers that attract pollinators and make knockout bouquets are zinnias, sunflowers, and lemon basil for fragrant foliage. The color and variety choices seem endless, and keep the garden changing and exciting. What if gardeners have established flowerbeds, and want to introduce some veggies or herbs?

Tucking pockets of vegetables and herb plants is an excellent use of space. Be sure the plantings are accessible from the pathway for easy harvesting. Leaf lettuces are quick growers and are also beautiful. Harvest the outermost mature leaves and they will keep growing for a continuous harvest. Lemon basil is an excellent choice to edge a bed.

Passersby that brush up against the foliage will encounter the dreamy lemon fragrance. As a longtime shade gardener, I learned that really getting the soil in shape pays off in spades. Soil health improvements can make a big difference in squeezing a sun-loving plant into shady conditions.

Some that do well are poppies, pot marigolds, and snapdragons. As the trees leaf out, it becomes more challenging. If you get six hours of sun, black-eyed Susans, cosmos, and basil for fragrant foliage will perform well.

Flowers may not reproduce as quickly or abundantly as in full sun. Your email address will not be published. How to Design a Gorgeous Cutting Garden. What varieties of cut flowers do well in part-shade?

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There's nothing like the sight and smell of fresh cut flowers in your home from spring to fall. While it's great to support local growers and florists, you can grow your own cut flower garden, too. Here's how. Start with long stemmed annual and perennial flowers, such as Shasta daises, and bulbs, such as dahlias. Plant flowers that will bloom at different times. Plan for spring bulbs, and flowers such as snapdragons, iris, peonies and foxgloves. In summer, feature bloomers such as lilies, ageratum, gladiolus, echinacea, phlox, and salvia.

Grouping plants with similar needs together tends to simplify garden chores. Most vegetable gardens are made up of annuals, which are a good.

Cut and Come Again

While you need plenty of sun to grow many of the better-known flowers for cutting — zinnias, lilies, sunflowers, cosmos, etc — there are several excellent cut flowers that thrive in the shade. And better yet, there are many shade plants that provide gorgeous foliage for bouquets. And my favorite part about a shade cutting garden? Astilbe flower spikes appear in late spring and early summer.Astilbe are relatively easy to grow and prefer partial shade in our hot summers here in Philadelphia. While they can thrive in deep shade, they will flower better in partial shade so put them at the edge of your woodland garden. Be sure to keep them well watered throughout the season as Astilbe hates to dry out.

Garden Spaces: Plant a Cutting Garden

As gardeners, we tend to focus on keeping the outside of our homes loaded with flowers for the whole world to admire. My favorite cutting gardens are those that have both annual and perennial plants. Perennials are the gift that keeps on giving year after year and will reward you with more blooms than the previous season. Depending on the species, new plants can be made from the originals around the third or fourth year by dividing them in half, which will have your arms loaded with plants thereafter. Then we top it off with a couple of inches of compost.

Basil: Learn more! Purple fountain grass: Learn more!

44 Best Cut Flowers for Cutting Garden | Types of Cut Flowers

Zinnias love hot weather and will produce flowers all summer long. They can also be sown directly outside. Photo by Dee Nash. Choose your location. It should be sunny for at least for six to eight hours a day. Many annual flowers require conditions similar to vegetable growing.

15 Blooms for your First Cut Flower Garden

Although onions, shallots, and garlic are the members of the allium family, it also includes many ornamental flowering varieties that can be grown as cut flowers. Find their names here. This daisy-like perennial has star-shaped flower heads. This beautiful cut flower blooms in summer and fall in colors of white, blue, purple, white, red, and pink. Bird of paradise blooms makes amazing arrangement in bouquets. Botanical Name: Strelitzia reginae. The name does justice to it with the striking colors, and unusual shape of flowers that look like a bird is about to take flight. You can commonly find these golden yellow beauties in open fields of North America from June to October.

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L ike the kitchen garden, and sometimes a part of it, the cutting garden is made in response to the desire for fresh bouquets and flowers for arrangements. You may have that in mind, but many people just like to pick a bunch of flowers, stick them casually into a Mason jar on the table, a simple water pitcher, or a humble vase, and enjoy! A cutting garden serves in both the formal art of flower arranging for floral artists and the mood brightening everyday bouquets for the rest of us. No one ever has enough flowers- think of the possibilities!

Long-blooming flowers make for lovely summer bouquets, and an attractive border. Fortunately, if you have a little extra garden space, you can create a cutting garden. All you need is an out-of-the-way sunny area with rich, well-drained soil. If drainage is poor, construct raised beds, and fill them with quality potting soil. Pick plants that pump out plenty of blooms all season, such as zinnia, scabiosa, salpiglossis and cleome. Perennials that keep producing after cutting include campanula, dahlia, gerbera daisies, evergreen penstemon, phygelius, agastache and salvia.

We asked Lisa how to design a showcase cutting garden, and which plants make the best BFFs.

Search Products:. Seed floral. On the other hand, annual flowers should bloom as they go through their lifecycle over a growing season, and some annuals might even self-seed to grow new plants the next year. Bee Friendly Wildflower Mix seeds grow some of the season's most durable and hardest working flowers in any garden. Stock, Harmony Mix little seed flower farm.

By: Author Courtney. Can you imagine a world with no flowers blooming? Me either! And if you want to learn how to plan a cutting garden, then you clearly want all the benefits that come with growing flowers that can be cut.